A Journey Through Nature Series

“Passages of Light”

Solo exhibition, Circle of Life at The Halifax Gallery, Parkhurst, 2017.

“The circle whilst simultaneously simple and complex,
suggests parallels on a human level. Conspicuous in their prolific presence, Sampson infers a link to our arboreal partners with whom we share this planet. Sampson strives to draw attention to our detached relationship with nature, and the slow but sure loss of biodiversity in the world. The viewer may draw their own conclusions regarding our responsibilities regarding the return and restoration of positive human energy into nature, the earth and the universe.”

A study from an international team of ecologists and economists have predicted that by 2048 we could see completely fishless oceans. The cause: disappearance of species due to overfishing, pollution, habitat loss,  climate change – and the seismic blasting in our seas. In this series, I try to draw our attention to our detached relationship with nature and the biodiversity loss as a result.

“I am not a wildlife artist per say, but when a colleague invited me to illustrate vultures for exhibitions to help the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) raise funds and awareness for their critical conservation work – I jumped at the opportunity.
I have tried to demonstrate how alluring; majestic and graceful these gigantic birds are when they fly. They dominate the sky with their beauty and elegance.”