Red Chair, Monotype, sold at Halifax Gallery, Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Four-tile koi print on canvas, displayed at an international groups corporate head office


Sharon is a contemporary South African artist who works from her studio in Johannesburg having graduated in Fine Art and Graphic Design in Durban where she was born. Sharon specializes in oil painting and is a printmaker who creates her own prints using a hydraulic printing press.


Sharon’s first of four solo exhibitions in South Africa was held in Cape Town at the SA Print Gallery in 2010. Sharon has participated in numerous group exhibitions including Art Fairs: FNB and Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg and The Cape Town Art Fair. Sharon has also exhibited in Art Galleries and Fairs overseas. These include ARTEXPO’s in New York and San Diego, and galleries in New York, Scottsdale (Arizona) and across the Atlantic in Cornwall, UK.


““I approach my art with the objective of encapsulating light and movement. Just as life never stands still, neither should my artwork. My work explores space and the way we see and perceive our surroundings within that space. In my conceptual work I pay tribute and homage to our multifaceted relationship with nature and self and the intermingling of the two.  In recent works, I try to draw our attention to our detached relationship with nature and the biodiversity loss as a result.